Next-gen digital & physical commerce platform for wholesalers, distributors &
e-commerce businesses

From complex supply chains to fluctuating prices and customer demand, distributors need to adapt fast. Originscale understands your business processes and can curate the solutions you need to support suppliers, customers and employees across a wide range of industries.

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AI-Powered All-In-One Distribution ERP & Supply Chain Management Software

With the rise in direct-to-consumer distribution, businesses have more opportunities than ever—along with increased competition. WMS software helps distributors manage, prioritize and scale operations in an increasingly digitalized and competitive market.

A flexible foundation that scales and adapts as your business grows

Originscale provides dynamic distribution software that evolves with your business. As you grow, our solution flexibly adapts, ensuring your operations remain efficient and scalable.

Create sales strategies, manage re-order point and keep your customers satisfied with Originscale Inventory, a complete inventory control system.

Structure your warehouse with Bins, Pallets, Aisles and Stacks based system in Originscale software. Automate your Picking, Packing and Shipping using Originscale.

Manage multi-channel sales from one platform with Originscale. Integrate Amazon, WooCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Target, Walmart, and more for streamlined efficiency and maximum profit.

Manage sales and purchase orders, create packages and send delivery updates from a single order management system.

Predict your demand for future, so you never run understock and overstock using Originscale AI.

Track Every aspect of your inventory and Warehouse & put your business on Cruise Mode!

Originscale offers comprehensive and world-class solutions for managing every aspect of your warehouse. 

Empower your customers with a dedicated B2B Wholesale Ordering Portal

Our intuitive ordering system caters to the precise needs of wholesale and B2B customers, enabling quick and effortless order creation. Enhance order frequency and value by making the ordering process simple and enjoyable for your customers.

Enhance Your Warehouse Operations with Originscale WMS

Originscale robust solutions ensure warehouse integrity and control, enhance product accuracy, save time, drive revenue and provide complete visibility across your business and inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A private warehouse (also known as a proprietary or an in-house warehouse) is one that fulfills its own products and is privately operated by a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler.

Receiving in Originscale refers to receiving inventory against an existing receiving transaction. There are other ways to enter inventory into Originscale, but using a receiving order to receive against gives the most detail.

Once outbound shipping orders arrive in Extensiv (via integration or created in Extensiv’s platform), the next step is for a warehouse worker to pick the order. Picking an order is the process of removing inventory from a bin and preparing it for shipment.

In Originscale, order picking can be run in a couple of different modes. Which mode you use will vary from company to company based on your day-to-day operations.

We primarily serve e-commerce and omnichannel businesses, wherever they are in their e-commerce journey. If you’ve got inventory, we can help you organize it.

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