Direct to consumer(D2C) strategies to skyrocket sales in CPG market.

In the past few years, the E-Commerce market has grown significantly to about 18% increase in the retail sales worldwide. This shift has been accelerated with the development of technology as well as the global pandemic has played a major role gaining that percentage of growth.

The CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry has suffered a downfall when it comes to sales in the wholesale means. Brands like Coca-Cola have also suffered because of the entertainment vendors being closed due to the pandemic as the consumers have been restricted to walk out in the real market. Hence, for CPG brands it has been proven beneficial to move to DTC.

Moving to direct distribution channels and diversifying them according to the niche of the brand and their target audience has become very ample for such specified CPG brands. It is beneficial in order to maintain market relevancy and customer retention by gaining a dynamic shopping experience.

Consumers tend to enjoy and engage in such methods where they are directly in contact with the brand rather than a third-party seller. CPG companies when adapting to this digital transformation might create better leads and generate sales for their brand. Here are efficient strategies that CPG brands might keep in mind while adapting to the DTC strategy.

Strategies to drive sales and loyalty in CPG brands by DTC strategy:

1. Adopting to correct platforms for sales:

Despite the fact that there are various channels for the distribution of CPG products, it is very important that brands invest in efficient and trustworthy platforms for their sales. Through these platforms, brands will have the benefit of being differentiated for their particular business, while conveying their story to their audience, managing sales and have a legitimate access to the data of their consumers. For up and coming CPG brands, platforms like WiX, Shopify, they’d be able to build a stage for themselves which is pocket-friendly, flexible to operate and manage changes.

2. A dynamic experience for the consumers:

Consumers are always looking to experience something that is different and creative. Establishing a website that fulfills that purpose will automatically help in mouth-to-mouth marketing, thus driving potential leads to your website. When the consumers would have an altogether dynamic shopping experience, they’d automatically want to come back and shop again from that particular brand. Hence, building up a platform where the consumer feels involved and create an enticing journey about the brand’s products.

3. Setting up Digital Platforms for more exposure:

As important it is to have a social profile nowadays, most of the CPG businesses might have generated more sales through social media platforms than any other. Social media marketing is a significant aspect which is budget-friendly and helps you reach a wider demographic while increasing brand exposure. Marketing your brand digitally brings in website traffic and provides you with a database of the consumers who can thus be converted into potential sales. Also, through collaborations with different brands who might have a similar niche, the aspects of increasing the percentage of your target audience is more effective. They can also become a source for experimenting on new launched products, hence generating greater results.

4. A reliable source for Logistics:

When it comes to shifting to Direct to Consumer strategy, it is a must for CPG brands to have an efficient delivery service. A logistics partner that is cost-effective, flexible and reliable in providing the consumers their goods, not only enhances the brand’s reliability but also ensures fulfillment of the business. From packing the orders to getting them delivered to the doorsteps of the consumer, the provider should have the ability to handle order fulfillment.

5. Efficient Customer Service:

Consumer service is very important to be seamless. DTC strategists must take care that each and every consumer’s requirements are fulfilled. From resolving issues to taking feedback, it helps the consumers build trust in the brand when they are being taken care of. When a personalized experience is created, consumers feel prioritized which helps the brand in building great impression on their consumers. CPG brands must ensure that their customer service is exceptional on all of their diversified platforms.

These strategies are basic building blocks for any CPG brand while shifting to DTC strategies. Not only will they help out in generating sales but they will also develop loyalty for the brands in the consumer’s share of experience. The essence of DTC strategy lies in prioritizing consumer experience for greater results.

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