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Experience the power of our cutting-edge sales solutions, crafted to elevate your business to new heights. With Originscale, you can harness the capabilities of AI, Sales Automation, Predictive Analytics and Unified sales channels to drive unparalleled success.

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Take charge of your inventory across multi-channels!

Originscale offers a best-in-class inventory control solution that seamlessly integrates across your channels and locations giving your 360-degree view 

Manufacturing made simple!

Originscale has brought smart manufacturing to the next level with automated technologies and intelligent processes for both manual labor and digital workforce so you can scale your business while simplifying operations.

Our AI-Powered Originscale Software  empowers you to Gain customer insights like never before. We help you understand your customers on a whole new level, allowing you to more personalized interactions to build lasting relationships, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

You can finally say goodbye to spreadsheets, when you use Intelligent Inventory Management. Orders are all done in one place. You don’t need to know about shipping locations or re-ordering needs, because they are intelligent too!

Originscale is the continuous optimization service that helps businesses identify frontline challenges and fix them before you even know there’s a problem.

That means less waste of time, energy, money, materials – everything.

Gain deep insights into the supply chain and identify inefficiencies in real-time. Analyze in seconds where and how your product is spending time, average dwell time, time-since production, production velocity and much more. 

End-to-End Traceability

At Originscale traceability is not optional and it comes by default. We use modern technology to track and trace key critical events of your products and ingredients at the batch-lot level and provide real-time actionable insights along with a visualization tool.


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Prediction of Demand of Your Business Using AI

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Frequently Asked Questions

Originscale ERP is a fully customizable AI-powered solution designed to streamline and optimise your business operations. It covers inventory management, order management, sales, marketing, human resources, finance, and more.

Key features of Originscale’s ERP solution include intelligent automation, dynamic inventory management, omnichannel order management, continuous cost optimization, and end-to-end traceability.

Yes, Originscale is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium enterprises.

Originscale is versatile and can be beneficial for a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, and more.

AI in Originscale’s ERP solution helps automate various business processes, providing intelligent insights, predictive analytics, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

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